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Wooden Fencing Works with So Many Styles for Westminster, CO Homes

Use Your Imagination!

Wooden fencing in Westminster, CO, is attractive in so many different styles and designs. It has long been the most popular material for fences in the local area. Beside being traditional, it is the most adaptable.

When you plan your fence, you want one that is affordable and long-lasting. The best fence adds curb appeal to your property, increasing its overall value. Wood does all that.

And it lets you reap these benefits using a huge variety of styles. You are literally limited only by your imagination when you plan a wood fence for your home, farm or business.

Wood can convey elegance, even stateliness. It can be traditional or streamlined. It can tell the world to stay out or it can welcome them in. You can go funky, classic, rural, downhome or upscale.

Here is a closer look at how you can give your property a custom look with wooden fencing in Westminster, CO.

Welcome Them with a Picket Fence

The classic white picket fence is an American tradition. It offers a friendly greeting in your front yard and lets passersby enjoy your garden. It is a cordial way to clearly outline your property boundaries.

You can also choose one of the modern adaptations of the standard picket fence. Build one with a scalloped top, even one with a reverse scallop! The Nantucket picket fence has an upscale look and looks good in unpainted cedar. Check out the notched top picket fence or the French Gothic version.

All offer an open design that shows people where your property starts. People walking by can admire your garden through the fence pickets. A picket fence in any style gives your front yard a clean, finished look.

Keep Them Out with a Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are perfect for backyards. They keep people from seeing into your space, so you can relax and enjoy the yard in comfort. When you want to kick back and relax with friends, you don’t want strangers watching.

A tall privacy fence keeps children and dogs safely in your yard. It also keeps strangers off your property. It is an excellent way to add a level of security to your yard.

The standard board-on-board privacy fence is often 6 feet tall, but you can choose a higher or lower size. You can also get the same effect in a more modern look by building it with horizontal boards instead of vertical.

Semi-privacy fences are getting more and more popular. You can use a lattice design, which lets in more air and light. Or try a louver fence, with its upscale look.

Show Your Borders with a Rail Fence

For a rural look, nothing beats a rail fence. It works well when you want to sow your boundaries and don’t need privacy. It is also the traditional method of stopping livestock from wandering off.

Variations of the split rail fence include the cross rail fence and a three- or four-board rail fence. You can choose from a variety of post designs and rail configurations to give your wooden fencing in Westminster, CO, a distinctive look.

Customize a Standard Fence Design

You can customize the look of any basic wooden fencing in Westminster, CO, whether it is a privacy fence, a picket fence or a split rail. Traditional fences are excellent starting points for your design ideas. But don’t be intimidated by tradition. It’s your fence and your property. You should feel free to customize the fence to suit your preferences.

Here are 7 creative ways to turn a standard fence into a personal one.

  • Add distinctive fastenings and hardware. Check out the many types available at your local home improvement center.
  • Choose a gate that stands out. A unique gate will get people’s attention.
  • Select fence post caps that add a personal touch. You can choose an elegant design or a modern one. Go funky. Paint them special colors.
  • Put flower boxes on the outside of your fence. Change them up with the seasons. This gives even a privacy fence a friendly feel.
  • Stain your fence. There is a wide range of earthy tones available.
  • Leave your fence in its natural state. This is especially effective with cedar fencing.
  • Paint your fence. You can choose bright colors, like green or blue. Or paint it to match the trim on your house.

Trust Your Fence to Experts

The team at Snowy Peak Fencing is known for attention to detail, creative design and excellent craftsmanship. Our prices are competitive and we work with a wide range of budgets. All our fences are made to last. They add beauty to your home and garden, and value to your property.

Snowy Peak are cedar fence specialists. And we work with a variety of other woods too. Let us know what you have in mind for your fence. We can help you decide the best type of wood to use. Fences are our business. We have a ground-up view of the pros and cons of different species for specific terrains and purposes.

Here at Snowy Peak, we are proud of our reputation for caring customer service. We are happy to answer your questions and help you in every phase of the fence building process, from design through construction. You are always in the loop at Snowy Peak. You will always have a clear understanding of deadlines and costs.

Snowy Peak also handles fence repair and maintenance. Instead of spending your days off repairing the fence, let our experts do the job for you.

Need a deck? We design, resurface, remodel and maintain decks. We can also install retractable awnings that let you get more use out of your outdoor space through every season of the year.

Call the pros at Snowy Peak Fencing today for a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Westminster, CO.

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