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Reasons Why Wooden Fencing is an Excellent Investment in Superior, CO

Wooden Fencing: Versatile, Durable and Affordable

Homeowners regularly choose wooden fencing in Superior, CO. It is versatile enough to go with a range of architectural styles, can fit into most every budget and keeps its good looks and functionality for years.

The team at Snowy Peaks Fencing point out that even with new materials on the market, like composite and vinyl, wood has never lost its popularity. For hundreds of years, the most common material used for American fences has been wood.

Here are 6 reasons that wooden fencing in Superior, CO, is an excellent investment for your home and property.

#1. Designs for Everyone and Every Purpose

A wood fence can be built in an endless variety of styles. The most popular are:

  • Picket fence, a friendly design often used in front yards and around the garden
  • Split rail, a casual style that defines a property’s perimeter
  • Privacy, built tall to keep out prying eyes
  • Estate and paddock, which is used for livestock
  • Board and batten, which provides privacy and security, as well as an eye-catching design
  • Shadowbox, also called board on board, gives property extra security by placing boards vertically on both sides of the fence
  • Spaced board, which doesn’t provide as much privacy as a vertical board fence, but does give security
  • Vertical board style, with boards put closely together for the purpose of maintaining privacy within the fence
  • Stockade has rounded boards with a point the top edge, providing visual interest, privacy, and security

Another way to enhance a design is by choosing different types of wood for construction. For example, Snowy Peaks Fencing specializes in cedar fences because it handles weather extremes and moisture so well. Other options are pressure-treated pine and exotic South American hardwoods.

#2. Easy to Give a Personal Look

Every wood fence can be customized to meet the preferences and needs of the owner. It’s a simple matter to choose a shade of stain to go with the house, or a bright paint to make a creative statement.

Choosing distinctive hardware adds a special look to a standard design. The same is true of post caps, which come in an amazing range of styles.

Selecting a specific height for a fence, and even alternating the height from one section to another, makes a major difference in the look of the fence. Wood gates in a particular style are also a quick way to dress up a conventional fence.

Accessories like flower boxes make any fence look personal. Add herbs, geraniums, nasturtiums or wildflowers for visual interest throughout the summer.

#3. Eco-Friendly

Wooden fencing in Superior, CO, is an environmentally friendly choice. This is a major consideration for many property owners concerned about damage to the land and worried about climate change.

Modern wood preservatives are eco-friendly too. These treatments add years to the lifespan of fence wood by reducing swelling and stopping rot and damage made by moisture and insects.

#4. Fits into Landscape Designs

Wooden fencing in Superior, CO, fits naturally into an overall landscape design. By choosing a subtle shade of stain, it can actually blend into the garden. Or paint it bright colors and it can become a focal point for the design as a whole.

The fence can help separate a yard into zones of activity. Kids have one spot for playing; pets have another. It makes it easy to set aside areas for gardening, relaxing and socializing.

#5. Blends with Architectural Styles

In Superior, CO, wooden fencing is often the same material as the house. That makes it a simple job to create a fence that blends in seamlessly with the house, giving it a cohesive look. Or the fence can be stained or painted with the same color as the house trim, for contrast.

Wood has a natural elegance. It has a welcoming feel with its rustic good looks. Without trouble, it can fit in a rural environment, neighborhood, park, school or even commercial setting.

#6. Affordable

Wood is cost-effective. The upfront cost of a wood fence tends to be affordable when compared to other options, and it lasts for 10 to 20 years or longer. Maintenance costs are minimal. Every year the fence should be scrubbed to get rid of dirt, moss, and mildew. Every two to three years, a sealant or stain needs to be applied.

Wooden fencing in Superior, CO, fits into most budgets. For example, pressure-treated pine is relatively inexpensive, but lasts for years and keeps its good looks. Cedar is mid-range in the cost spectrum, lasts for many years and has a classic look. Mahogany, Brazilian Ipe, and teak are on the high end and give any property an upscale look.

Work with Experts

The team at Snowy Peaks Fencing can help you choose the best type of wood and style for your fence. The company takes pride in its growing reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are customer-oriented and happy to answer questions about fence design and construction.

Snowy Peaks prides itself on working with a range of budgets. They offer competitive pricing and a variety of materials. The team specializes in cedar, which is a versatile and long-lasting wood species that works well in an area with weather extremes and lots of moisture. But they also work with many other wood species. They know which types work best for specific uses and terrain.

Snowy Peaks professionals are experts in design and construction of all types of fences. With their hands-on experience, they can help you choose the best style to fit your home’s exterior décor, your landscaping design, and your specific needs.

Call Snowy Peaks Fencing today for a free, no-obligation quote for wooden fencing in Superior, CO.

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