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Wooden fencing is the most popular type in Broomfield, CO. That’s because wood is affordable, long lasting and beautiful. You can’t ask for more! When you decide on wood as your fence material, you know it is versatile enough to fit in with your home’s exterior décor and landscape design, as well as fit into your budget.

Homeowners have long chosen wood for privacy fences. This is one of the best investments a family can make. As soon as the fence goes up, you enjoy the benefit of greater privacy and security in your yard. People can’t see in so you can relax without prying eyes watching your every move. Your children stay safe within the yard, and your pets too! It keeps strangers off your property and clearly marks your property boundaries.

Wood is also traditional for the all-American picket fence. There’s no better way to make your front garden look welcoming and friendly than with a white picket fence. Or put your own personal stamp on this classic design. Instead of white, paint it a bright red, blue or green. Or choose cedar for your material and stain it.

Are you after a rustic look for your property? You can construct a post-and-rail or paddock fence around your property. This doesn’t give you privacy, but it does mark your boundaries. The styles are rustic, casual and universally appealing. They work with a surprising range of exterior décors and fit in seamlessly with the look of your landscape.

Want something different, maybe a bit more modern? Take a look at a lattice fence. It limits the view strangers have of your yard but lets in more air and light than a standard privacy fence. Or check out the streamlined look of horizontal privacy fences. Instead of the boards going up and down, they are inserted horizontally. The effect is contemporary and works surprisingly well with even classic architectural styles.

Because you can choose from a wide range of wood species, you can build wooden fencing in Broomfield, CO, that fits into any budget. Pressure-treated pine is at the low end. It is attractive and lasts for years. Cedar is in the middle, with higher upfront costs but a longer lifespan. At the high end are exotic woods like South American hardwoods. These last for decades and usually require very little upkeep.

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