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What Can Go Wrong When D-I-Yers Install Wood Fences in Erie, CO?

How long do wood fences in Erie, CO, last?

Cedar fencing usually lasts for 15 to 30 years. Pine lasts for 5 to 12 years. Treated pine and spruce lasts about 20 years. Treated cedar can last up to 40 years.

How do I keep wood fences in Erie, CO, looking attractive?

You need to maintain your wood fence to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. That means cleaning it once a year with a hose or pressure washer and a cleaning solution and sealing it every two or three years. For painted wood fences in Erie, CO, you need to repaint every 4 to 5 years.

Be sure to inspect your fence each year. Look for loose screws and nails, hardware that is damaged, cracks in the wood, sags and other problems. By fixing it early, you prevent major problems that might require replacing sections of your fence. It’s always cheaper to repair the trouble earlier rather than later.

I want to save money by building my own fence. What are the pros and cons?

Yes, in theory, you can save money by building your own fence. That assumes:

  • You have the skills.
  • You have the experience, or at least someone to help who has already built a fence.
  • You have the tools.
  • You understand how to fit the fence to your terrain.

The big problem do-it-yourselfers report is time. They decide to build a fence and set aside a week of their vacation time. That should be plenty, right? Wrong. In many cases, a week-long project extends throughout the summer, into the fall, and often into the following year.

That means your property is cluttered with wood, cement and tools. The yard has holes; your garden is torn up. And you don’t have privacy and security while the project meanders throughout the months.

Fence building requires precision and the ability to tailor the design to the soil conditions and terrain in your yard. If you don’t get the posts in correctly, if the fence isn’t level, if proper consideration isn’t given to protecting the wood from moisture, you are simply wasting your time and money.

That’s why many weekend handymen decide to turn the project over to professional fence builders, like the team here at Snowy Peak Fencing. We build fences every day—it’s our specialty. We have the tools and skills to build it quickly, usually within a week and often in just a couple of days.

Our wood fences in Erie, CO, are strong, durable and attractive. We take pride in our reputation for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, superior materials and caring customer service.

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Our new cedar fence looks wonderful! We were very pleased with the professionalism of the installers. They worked for two hours at a steady pace with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have already recommended Snow Peak Fencing to friends and family.

- Tom K.
Boulder, CO

Thank you for designing and installing the new fence for our townhouse. The quality of the materials and construction of our fence is top notch. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and neighbors whenever they need a fence.

- Rhoda J.
Boulder, CO

We are very pleased with the fence repairs performed by Snowy Peak and will gladly recommend your company to any of our friends and neighbors who are looking for a reputable fence contractor.

- Scott L.
Boulder, CO

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