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Do you have a fence on your property? Is it starting to show its age? If so, it is probably time to schedule a fence repair on your Louisville, CO property. At Snowy Peak Fencing, Daniel Carter and his team are well qualified to perform any of the commonly needed repairs. His 10 years of experience in the industry, along with his passion for his work, makes Dan Carter and Snowy Peak Fencing uniquely qualified to work on your project. They are also happy to provide you with a free estimate so there won’t be any surprises at the end. This service has helped them earn the trust and respect of their satisfied clients.

While a fence repair will be necessary on a Louisville, CO property eventually, there are ways you can limit how often it needs to be fixed. The simplest is to keep up with the maintenance. The cold, wet weather common in the winter can cause wood fences to rot, unless they are constructed from native Western red cedar. Metal fencing can rust, and chain links break. Regular washing, staining, and painting can help protect the fence, and keep it looking like new. If you don’t have time to perform the maintenance yourself, Snowy Peak Fencing can take care of it for you. They will create a schedule that will keep the need for fence repair on the Louisville, CO property to a minimum.

While a well designed and constructed fence should last for over twenty years, repairs will still be necessary. The type of fence repair needed on the Louisville, CO property will depend on the type of mateEven though it is possible to protect your fence from damage, some parts will need to be replaced or repaired periodically. Some of the common ones that Snowy Peak Fencing is often called out for include,

  • Posts
  • Slats
  • Gates
  • Hinges/latches

A well-constructed fence should last for over twenty years, but weather and other factors can take a toll. Posts can start to sink over time, and this can make the fence unstable. Slats can be broken, and rusty hinges can cause gates to sag or fall off. Not only do these problems affect the appearance of the fence, they can also make it structurally unsound. During the free estimate for the fence repair on the Louisville, CO property, Snowy Peak Fencing will carefully inspect these and other components for any signs of wear and tear. They will discuss all repair options with their clients to ensure that the finished project meets their expectations.

Whether you want the repairs on the fence to match the original design or you want to try something new, Snowy Peak Fencing can help you realize your dreams for the property. When the fence repair on the Louisville, CO property is completed, you’ll be glad that you trusted your project to the talented experts at Snowy Peak Fencing.

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Our new cedar fence looks wonderful! We were very pleased with the professionalism of the installers. They worked for two hours at a steady pace with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. We have already recommended Snow Peak Fencing to friends and family.

- Tom K.
Boulder, CO

Thank you for designing and installing the new fence for our townhouse. The quality of the materials and construction of our fence is top notch. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and neighbors whenever they need a fence.

- Rhoda J.
Boulder, CO

We are very pleased with the fence repairs performed by Snowy Peak and will gladly recommend your company to any of our friends and neighbors who are looking for a reputable fence contractor.

- Scott L.
Boulder, CO

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